Belief in Divine Intervention – BBC History Magazine May Issue

BBC History Magazine May 2023

Belief in Divine Intervention

Tales of Murder and Miraculous Discovery in Early Modern England

The May Issue of BBC History Magazine / History Extra Podcast

I've written an article in the May 23 issue about belief in divine intervention in revealing murders through wondrous signs and supernatural occurrences in the early modern era.

These beliefs were not limited to sensational true crime pamphlets but were also reflected in official records, where suspects were put on trial based on wondrous evidence. The early moderns believed that God worked against sin by delivering justice through miraculous means, and murderers at large would rather confess their crimes than live in fear of exposure.

In the magazine I write about the case of Ralph Suckey, who confessed to murder because he imagined that a flock of crows was accusing him of his crime, and about the ghost of a midwife who appeared to a maid and instructed her to dig under a fireplace, where the remains of two small children were found.

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Grisly Killings & Mysterious Motives: Murder in Early Modern Britain

I had a great time as a guest on the History Extra podcast.